Standard & Modular Fabric Structures

Standard & Modular Fabric Structures

Tried and Tested Standard Product Range

In addition to bespoke projects, MakMax Australia has developed our own range of tried and tested Standard and Modular Fabric Structures.

Far from being ‘standard’, our range of core products are the result of 35 years of extensive design and engineering expertise and experience.

The advantages of choosing a MakMax Standard or Modular Fabric Structure;

  • Through years of experience delivering successful tensile membrane projects, we know what works.
  • Easily adapted to meet your needs, each structure is still tailored to take into account the particular details of your project, location or business requirement.
  • With the main elements pre-engineered and designed, we cut down on project delivery time.
  • Ideal for smaller to medium-sized projects that still require a premium-quality permanent shade structure, by using products from our Standard or Modular Range, you can save time and money on the design and installation phase of your project.
  • Future-proof projects; our standard designs make it easier to re-skin, repair or expand in years to come.
Forest Lake College Bus Stop
Wellers Hill Carpark

Modular Fabric Structures

The modular fabric range is an extension of our Commercial Umbrellas range. The Monaco even looks like our Centra Architectural Umbrellas, upgraded to be stronger, higher wind rated and adaptable for almost any circumstance.

Our other unique designs, the Pavilion, the Quasar, the St. Tropez and the Helena, are all ideal for creating unique and long-lasting shade and weather protection.

Standard Fabric Structures

The work-horses of the MakMax standard project portfolio, our carpark structures, school COLA’s, sports-court canopies and bowling green covers have all been developed over time to ensure we have the best design aesthetic pre-engineered into the core product.

These Standard Fabric Structures can then be adapted into a bespoke design for your project. We conduct detailed site analysis to ensure all local geotechnical, weather and location-specific details are incorporated into the design. Further customisation can be made through accessories, such as in-built lighting and fabric options.

Would You Like More Information About Our Standard and Modular Fabric Structures?

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements. We are the market leader in the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of custom fabric structures for a wide variety of applications and industries. We have extensive project experience and offer endless possibilities when it comes to custom design solutions to meet your needs.