Velarium Variable Shade

Velarium Variable Shade

Advanced Motorised Shade Solution

The MakMax Velarium Variable Shade System is an advanced retractable motorised roof system, made up of opposing sets of PVC mesh panels supported by a cable span steel structure.

At the push of a button, the shade panels close from the outside to the centre. Able to be closed all at once, or in various sequences, the amount of shade and shaded areas can be controlled.

The system can be operated directly from a master control panel or a remote hand control and each shading panel has provided with an independent motor giving the operator the flexibility to open or close individual sets of the panels to suit their requirements.

The whole system is backed up by series of both pre-set and constant monitoring limit and control switches along with climate sensors designed to retract the shade automatically when high winds are detected.

Velarium Variable Shade: Adaptable To Meet Your Needs

The MakMax Velarium Variable Shade System is an adaptable system that would suit any application requiring large span column-free variable shade.

The Velarium variable shade system is also suited to grass sporting facilities where a full canopy would not allow enough sunlight to filter to the playing surface.

Perfectly suited for swimming pools, where some sunlight is still welcome, The MakMax Velarium variable shade system was first installed as part of St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School Sports Precinct redevelopment in Brisbane.

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