TensoNet Hail Net Protection Canopy

TensoNet Hail Net Protection Canopy

Protect Your Fleet With MakMax TensoNet HNPC

TensoNet Advantages

If your business requires vehicle protection hail net, the MakMax TensoNet HNPC (Hail Net Protection Canopy) System can provide a robust and economical hail risk-reduction solution for customers within the automotive and logistics industries.

Originally developed for the agricultural market, MakMax engineers have adapted and improved the TensoNet HNPC system to create large, simple designs which are specifically intended for use as hail netting for cars.

The cantilevered column design on our hail netting means no guy cables or back-stays are required, allowing our clients to maximise the coverage to their sites by placing perimeter columns immediately adjacent to site boundaries. The cable grid system allows for large spans and a relatively simple installation process, ensuring speedy installation and minimal site disruption.,

A MakMax TensoNet HNPC (Hail Net Protection Canopy) can range from 1,000 to 100,000 square meters coverage area.

MakMax TensoNet HNPC is Ideal For

  • Vehicle Storage & Auction Yards
  • Auto Dealer & Car Rental Companies
  • Long-Term Airport Parking
  • Building & Construction Companies
  • 3rd Party Logistics Companies (3PL)
  • Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM)

The Damage and Danger of Hail Storms

Sunshine Coast Storm 2019
Canberra January 2020 Hail Storm
Brisbane Hail Storm Oct 2020

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Zero Gap Interface

Using a unique Zero Gap Interface system on all corners and membrane section connections on our hail netting ensures that there are no potential points of entry for damaging hail.

MakMax Zero Gap Interface

Redundancy Bays

In structures of significant length (such as large-span hail net canopies), failure can occur due to accumulated surface friction wind loads, particularly during severe weather events.

The MakMax TensoNet Hail Net Protection Canopy system incorporates additional wind friction-load analysis as part of the design and engineering phase. Points of potential failure are identified and addressed through the use of Redundancy Bays, where we add heavier truss-style columns to the structure at regular intervals, rather than just along the edges. The wind-load analysis conducted prior to installation helps to identify the most efficient placement of the redundancy bays.

MakMax TensoNet Pressure Load Graphic
MakMax TensoNet Friction Loads Graphic

Hail Netting Options

Quad Net Hail Net Detail

Quad Net

  • Provides adequate protection against hail
  • Simplified installation process
  • Easily removed and replaced
  • Lower initial cost
  • Produced from HDPE filament
  • Various apertures – 12mm is preferred
  • Black and white available
  • 10 Year Warranty (UV)
HDPE Hail Net Detail

HDPE Mesh (Shadecloth)

  • Provides shade as well as superior hail protection
  • Fully engineered panels
  • Can be fabricated to any width, length, and shape
  • High initial purchase cost, but lower ongoing costs/longer lifespan
  • Produced from HDPE filaments and tapes
  • Various types and shade factors are available
  • Range of colours are available
  • 10 Year Warranty (UV)

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