MakMax Australia Team

MakMax Australia Team

The MaxMax Australia Team

The strength of the MakMax Australia team lies in the extensive industry experience and depth of knowledge our team bring to each and every project.

The MakMax Australia team boasts an array of Australian-recognised qualifications and industry registered certification. With a strong emphasis on working collaboratively between departments and skill-sets, the combined professional capability guarantees our clients the best possible outcomes, regardless of project size.

MakMax Australia also holds appropriate building licences and permits in areas it operates.

MakMax Australia Team Photo
Yoshitaka Inuzuka Profile Image

Yoshitaka Inuzuka

Managing Director

Sam Wisciki Profile Image

Sam Wiscicki

General Manager

Martin Eddleston Profile Image

Martin Eddleston

Director of Sales

Annie Houlton Profile Image

Annie Houlton

People & Culture Manager

Nevil King Profile Image

Nevil King

Operations & Engineering Manager

Mike Lester Profile Image

Michael Lester

Technical Director

Dianne-Bramble-Profile Image

Diane Bramble

Sales Operations Manager

Barry-Harrington-Profile Image

Barry Harrington

Standard Products Sales Manager

Alastair Morris Profile Photo

Al Morris

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Richard Outhred Profile Image

Richard Outhred

Senior Estimator

Andrew Neilsen Profile Photo

Andrew Neilsen

Construction Manager


Graham Bonney

Senior Business Development Manager Custom Projects

Rafael Guedez Staff Photo

Rafael Guedez

Senior Business Development Manager
Advanced Technical Solutions


Julian Phillips

Business Development Manager/
WHS Advisor

John Rovera Profile Image

John Rovera

Business Development Manager


Alex Priego

Business Development Manager - Umbrella/Modular Sales

Eddie Sanchez Profile

Eddie Sanchez

Business Development Manager Standard Products

Jason Suarez Profile

Jason Suarez

Business Development Manager/
Repairs & Maintenance

Tom Profile Image

Youchen Liu

Procurement Coordinator & Estimator

Sasha Sadegholvaad Profile Image

Sasha Sadegholvaad


Kiri Evans Profile Photo

Kiri Evans

Sales Administrator

Natasha Walker Profile

Natasha Walker

Marketing Assistant

Michael Chong Profile

Michael Chong

Senior Project Engineer


Keagan Leamy

Senior Project Engineer


Jason Mihatov

Senior Drafting Manager


Nicholas Clews



Ramon Jose


Mitra Lawson Profile

Mitra Lawson


Andrew Moffat Profile

Andrew Moffat

Junior Engineer


Brian Vandervelde

Project Manager


Alberto Del Arco

Project Manager

Muhammad Younas

Muhammad Younas

Project Manager

Timothy Wilks Profile

Tim Wilks

Project Manager

Michael Holmes Profile Photo

Michael Holmes

Project Manager

Kay Bowman Profile

Kay Bowman

Project Administrator • PM

Xavier Mangano

Xavier Mangano

Senior Project Manager: SFS

Troy Jorgensen

Troy Jorgensen

Construction Manager SFS

Beatriz Luna

Beatriz Luna

SFS Site Administrator (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Michelle Butler 1

Michelle Butler

SFS Site Administrator


Chris Greenhalgh

Factory Manager

Tracey James Profile

Tracey James

Product & Umbrella Coordinator

Tomoyo Williams

Tomoyo Williams

Office Manager, Cultural Liaison & IMS Coordinator

Scott Ebzery

Scott Ebzery

Management Accountant / ERP

Ali Leva

Ali Leva

IT Manager

Joshlyn Prasad

Joshlyn Prasad

HR/Payroll Coordinator

Jane Dua

Jane Dua

Accounts Payable/Receivable Officer

Milly Shi Profile Photo

Milly Shi

Graduate Accountant

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