PTFE: An Extremely Durable and Long Lasting Membrane

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated fibreglass membrane / fabric an extremely durable and weather resistant material that lends itself to many bespoke architectural designs and structural applications.

It combines the strength, flexibility, and fire-resistant properties from the fiberglass mesh, with the unrivalled weatherability and chemical resistance from the polytetrafluoroethylene coating. Overall PTFE provides the most aesthetic, durable, low maintenance, and translucent cladding option for membrane structures and tensile architecture solutions.

PTFE Membrane Structures / Tensile Architecture Application

Known for its strength, durability, and its ability to offer a range of translucency to architectural design, MakMax chooses PTFE for a wide range of applications.

  • Membrane Roofing: High translucency, strength, aesthetics, and self-cleaning properties of the PTFE membrane make it the perfect membrane for stadium roofs, bowling green canopies, sports court canopies, sporting club grandstands and retail or commercial atrium roofing.
  • Shade Structures & Awnings: Strong, long-lasting, stable, and effective protection against UV, PTFE is ideal for retail walkways and shade areas, hotel and restaurant alfresco dining areas, covered outdoor learning areas (COLAs) for schools and universities and public transport waiting areas.
  • Facades & Interiors: Prized for its sound absorption characteristics and fire-resistant qualities, PTFE has the ability to create architecturally stunning facades and interior panelling or soffits.

What Are The Benefits of PTFE?


  • The woven fiberglass yarns give the PTFE fiberglass membrane its mechanical strength maintaining ultimate tensile strength of 500,000psi (Steel is 40,000psi).
  • These filaments, known as beta glass, are the smallest diameter available and provide the membrane with maximum flexibility.
  • Chemically inert, immune to UV exposure, stable at peak temperatures (-73°C to +232°C)
  • A confirmed design life of at least 50 years with some of the first PTFE structures built in the 1970’s still standing. MakMax have undertaken mechanical testing of material from a dismantled structure that still exhibited a tensile strength greater than its specified value after 25 years in service.

High Translucency

  • PTFE membrane transmits up to 14% of natural light through reducing the need for artificial lighting throughout the day and creating a natural colour-correct environment ideal for day-time events / operations.
  • This same property allows bespoke visual effects with great architectural impact when backlight at night.


  • PTFE reflects up to 74% of the sun’s energy keeping the area cool.
  • Reflective characteristics help to reduce the Urban Heat Island effect.
  • In a recent study, researchers found that on a 35ºC day, the under-surface of a PTFE roof was up to 9ºC cooler than a metal roof. This translates in approx. 20% less radiant heat making the overall air temperature under a membrane roof more comfortable.
  • Reduced shade lines and true colour perception due to its high translucency offer a glare-free, natural-light feel for people inside a structure.

Low Maintenance (Self-cleaning)

  • The coating on the membrane has a low surface energy which minimises the capacity of dust / dirt / pollutants to stick to the surface and are easily washed away during a gentle rain.
  • Being chemically inert, coating does not degrade or age under UV exposure ensuring the fabric maintains its natural white colour throughout its lifespan.

Sound Absorption

  • External noise and reverberation will be reduced / filtered aiding the acoustics of the building and its surroundings.


  • Non-combustible fiberglass yarn cloth / mesh
  • Does not present burning / flaming droplets
  • Does not contribute to flame propagation
  • Excellent fire performance characteristics to AS 1530 parts 2 and 3

Case Studies

Memorial Drive Tennis Centre Case study
Optus Stadium Halo Roof Case Study

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