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MakMax Australia is the market leader in commercial shade solutions such as stadium roofing, modular shade structures, carpark shade covers, school COLAs, fabric facades, bowling green canopies, vehicle protection hail net and commercial outdoor umbrellas.

MakMax Australia specialise in the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of lightweight tensile membrane structures using modern architectural fabrics; ETFE, PTFE, PVC & HDPE  Shade Mesh, and finished with a signature high-level architectural style.

Tensile Membrane Product Range

Offering membrane solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications. View our full Tensile Membrane Product Range or explore our categories below.

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Our Most Popular Shade and Weather Solutions

MakMax Australia has extensive experience delivering a wide-range of quality, custom designed Architectural Fabric Structures by combining cutting-edge modern architectural fabrics with our proprietary TensoShade membrane fixing system, which has been engineered for premium quality, ease of installation and tensioning, and maximum durability.

We provide architectural shade and weather solutions for sports and recreation facilities, retail and commercial developments, hospitality and entertainment venues, schools, community spaces, transport hubs, mining and industrial sites and more.

Shade Structures For All Industries

MakMax Australia has established a long-standing reputation for delivering innovative fabric structures to a wide range of industries. Working collaboratively with architects, developers, and construction companies, MakMax Australia can design and construct shade structures to suit any application or project. Explore the limitless possibilities of membranes for your industry.

Why Choose MakMax?

The market leader in tensile membrane structures, architects and developers have chosen to use MakMax Australia’s modern, light and durable tensile fabric structures in their projects for over 40 years. Engineered to withstand the harsh Australian environment for years to come, a MakMax Australia tensile fabric structure is an aesthetically stunning addition to any development project.

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MakMax From Above.

A birds-eye view of some of our key projects.

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