Bespoke Shade Structures

Bespoke Shade Structures

Imaginations Run Wild With Bespoke Shade Structures

If you need to create shade with a difference, the MakMax Australia TensoShade membrane-to-structure integration system can be adapted into almost any shape of bespoke shade structure.

Our in-house design ability enables TensoShade bespoke shade structures to complement the architectural intent and atmosphere of the area you are designing.

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Leisure & Recreation Spaces

Without a doubt, Australians love outdoor spaces, sports, and swimming pools. Lightweight shade structures are essential for public recreation areas and leisure centres, whether they are council run or privately owned. In addition to our conventional range of shade solutions, such as architectural umbrellas and modular shade structures, MakMax has the technical skills and experience to produce one-of-a-kind bespoke shade structures.

Landscape architects and designers are given free rein to create unique and creative public shade structures by incorporating the flexibility and versatility of tensile membranes.

Working with local councils, as well as private developers and sporting bodies, MakMax Australia has created some of our most creative bespoke shade structures in private and community recreation spaces.

Some of our favourite examples of leisure shade includes;

  • The wave-like PTFE canopy over the Ryde Aquatic Centre
  • The tree-like canopies at the Flemington Racecourse entrance

Retail Centres & Alfresco Dining

Outdoor shopping precincts and pedestrian malls need cover to protect shoppers from sun and rain.

We work closely with retail centre management and local councils to attract new customers by creating retail spaces with a difference; and we can add a touch of elegance to outdoor dining precincts with bespoke shade and weather protection for alfresco diners.

Check out our award-winning wave-like alfresco dining shade structure at the Bondi Pacific street front.

Industrial & Agricultural Applications

Our in-house design capabilities can provide a range of custom-designed industrial and agricultural solutions using tensile membrane structures.

We’ve worked on projects including livestock auction yards, evaporation control shades, bio-gas reactor tank covers, radar domes, cooling towers, truck-wash canopies, aircraft hangers, and large scale hail net protection canopies.

The ability to creating bespoke fabric structure solutions for any industry is something we take great pride in.

Bespoke Shade Structures

Case Studies

Blaxland Riverside Park Kiosk
Moviewwordl DC Rivals Hypercoaster Case Study
Bespoke Shade Structures for Theme Parks

Theme Parks & Tourist Attractions

Challenging the imagination and creating exciting spaces for theme parks and tourist attractions, bespoke shade structures can be incorporated into a wide range of theme park and tourist attraction applications.

From enchanting shade cover for patrons waiting in line for the latest thrill ride, to one-of-kind fabric roof and skylight structures at a visitor’s centre, the ability for membrane structures to add form and function to public spaces help to create memorable tourist experiences.

We’ve worked on a number of exciting shade projects at major theme parks, including Warner Brothers Movie World and Sea World on the Gold Coast.

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