Centra Architectural Umbrella

Centra Architectural Umbrella

Central Support Permanent Umbrella

The most popular and versatile umbrella in the MakMax commercial umbrella range, the Centra Architectural Umbrella is the perfect entertainer – ideal for cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars. The Centra model can be customised with prints and patterns or you can add planter boxes or other accessories. These iconic umbrellas are one of the most popular and cost effective options in MakMax’s commercial umbrella range.

  • Centra umbrella models are available in a range of sizes from 2.7m up to 5m
  • Shapes available are square, truncated square, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal
  • Wind rated to 145km/hr
  • Fabric and steel colour options are available
  • Heating and LED lighting can be included
  • Ability to link multiple umbrellas together to increase seating area
  • In-ground socket option available on selected models (perfect for alfresco dining where the umbrella can be stored away)
  • Above ground concrete base available when ground fixing is not an option
Centra Architectural Umbrella Size Grid
Centra Architectural Umbrella Dimension Diagram

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