Commercial Umbrellas

Commercial Umbrellas

The Perfect Commercial Umbrellas For Your Venue

The MakMax Architectural Umbrella Range consists of high-quality, commercial umbrellas for a variety of industries. Designed specifically for cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, resorts, events venues, schools, sporting applications, commercial building and quality residential projects, the MakMax range of permanent commercial umbrellas have options to suit almost any application.

Why Choose a MakMax Architectural Umbrella

  • High-quality commercial umbrellas
  • Made in Australia for Australian conditions.
  • Architectural-grade PVC canopies.
  • Superior protection from direct sun and UV rays.
  • Wind Rated and engineered for our climate.
  • Easy maintenance and long life-span.
  • A wide range of Colours, Shapes and Sizes.
  • Flexible design options, PLUS a range of accessories, such as lights, heaters and roll-down blinds for year-round outdoor dining.
Commercial Umbrellas Centra Umbrella Outline

Architectural Umbrella Range

The MakMax Architectural Umbrella range are collapsible commercial umbrellas. Ideally suited to hospitality and tourism, they are the perfect solution for alfresco dining, with a size and shape suited to most applications.


Centra Umbrella, Daydream Island


The most popular and versatile umbrella in the MakMax Architectural Umbrella range, Centra is the perfect entertainer – ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs,
sports clubs and bars.

  • Centra umbrella models are available in a range of sizes from 2.7m up to 5m.
  • Shapes available are square, truncated square, octagonal, and hexagonal.
  • Wind rated to 145km/hr.
  • Ability to link multiple umbrellas together to increase coverage area.
  • Installed as a permanent umbrella, Centra canopies can be closed in the event of severe weather.


Leva Umbrella at Care Home


The cantilevered pole on the Leva range of umbrellas allows for maximised use of space underneath the canopy. Ideal for applications where a central column is not practical,
such as over a pool. The Leva is also perfect for alfresco dining applications, offering shelter without the need for a column through the table.

  • Leva umbrella models are available in two sizes – 2.7m and 3.2m.
  • Leva umbrellas are square.
  • Wind rated to 145km/hr.
  • Wall mounting, swivel boom and double canopy options available.
  • Installed as a permanent umbrella, Leva canopies can be closed in the event of severe weather.


Porta Umbrella Brisbane


The Porta umbrella is collapsible, portable and ideal for applications where persistent wind in not a factor. Small and light, Porta is great for street furniture, as well as cafes, restaurants and bars without a permanent alfresco area.

  • The Porta umbrella is 2.1m.
  • Porta umbrella is square.
  • A 38mm diameter stainless steel column will fits through most outdoor tables.
  • Small enough to be moved, yet durable enough to be left up for extended periods. We recommend closing
    your Porta umbrella if subjected to moderate wind.

Customise Your Umbrella

  • Wide range of standard colours available for each fabric
  • Patterns can be screen printed onto the fabric
  • Corporate branding and logos also available
  • Steel options and upgrade wind rating

Umbrella Accessories

  • LED Lighting
  • Ground Fixing Options
  • Blinds & Gutters
  • Linking Options

Benefits Of The Architectural Umbrella Range

Favoured by architects, designers, and developers, MakMax commercial umbrellas can be seen all over the world, enhancing businesses and attracting the attention of passers-by.

When your customers and patrons comfort is a priority, a MakMax Architectural Umbrella is the perfect solution for alfresco dining, hotel and resort pool areas, club hospitality areas, playgrounds and parks, walkways and pedestrian zones or anywhere shade and weather protection is needed.

MMA Umbrella Benefits_Protection


MakMax Architectural Umbrellas use modern, high-tech fabrics which offer the highest levels of protection from direct sun and harmful UV rays. They are engineered to withstand a host of weather extremes including sun, rain, strong winds and hail.

MMA Umbrella Benefits Durable


MakMax Architectural Umbrellas are designed, engineered and fabricated for strength and durability here in Australia. We do not outsource any part of our manufacturing process, and we stand by our quality assurance.

MMA Umbrella Benefits Low Maintaince


Using only the highest quality fabrics and corrosion-resistant columns and cables, MakMax Architectural Umbrellas are low maintenance and have an excellent life-span compared to standard market umbrellas.

MMA Umbrella Benefits Cost Effective


Extend your habitable space at a fraction of the cost of a conventional construction with a MakMax Architectural Umbrella. Our umbrellas are also pre-engineered, so installation is quick and easy, offering further cost savings.

MMA Umbrella Benefits Flexible


Boasting an in-house design and engineering team, our entire umbrella range can be customised to suit your business. Choose the size, shape, height, fabric, footing or colour. Add heating, lights, side-awnings or logos. We can even link multiple umbrellas together to create larger protected areas

MMA Umbrella Benefits Stylish


MakMax Architectural Umbrellas offers a range of shapes, colours and sizes and will enhance your outdoor space, providing unique and attractive shade and weather protection for your customers, patrons and staff.

Would You Like More Information About Commercial Umbrellas?

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements. We are the market leader in the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of commercial umbrellas and modular fabric structures for a wide variety of applications and industries. We have extensive project experience and offer endless possibilities when it comes to custom design solutions to meet your needs.