Monash University Custom Modulars

Monash University Custom Modulars

The unique Monash University Custom Modulars are 6 unique inverted-conical modular shade structures that can be found around the Woodside TEd Building at the university’s Clayton campus in Melbourne.

The Brief

Part of the development of the new Woodside Building for Technology and Design, the Grimshaw Architects and the development company (Lend Lease) requested some architecturally unique shade structures for students and faculty to relax outside the building.

The Concept

Designed to blend into the modern architecture of the the new development, we based the custom design on our St Tropez modular shade structures, but customised the design to feature a unique low-profile canopy.

Initially engineered to be installed either a single unit, linked in a straight line or set in a square, the final project design called for 6 units, 2 linked structures at the front entrance to the building, and a square shaded area of 4 modulars in the rear courtyard.

The Materials

Making use of Serge-Ferrari Soltis Proof 502-2167 ‘Concrete’ with matte black powder coat steel columns & stainless-steel cables, the shade structures blend into the overall architectural design of the building.

Project Details

Location: Monash University, Clayton VIC

Completion Date: April 2020

Size: 96 sqm

Fabric: Serge-Ferrari Soltis Proof 502-2167 Concrete

Client: Grimshaw Architects / Lend Lease

Photography: © Grant Kennedy * We Shoot Buildings