Crown Plaza Coogee Beach Reskin

Crown Plaza Coogee Beach Reskin

Working hand-in-hand with the Interior Design Team, MakMax created vibrant bespoke replacement fabrics to existing MakMax Architectural Umbrellas.

The Brief

During the 2016 refurbishment of the Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach Hotel, the interior design team approached MakMax to reskin the existing Centra Umbrella’s which were installed by MakMax over a decade ago. The vibrant new look reflected the updated design intention of the hotel.

The Concept

Utilising MakMax design, engineering and fabrication skills, we took the client’s supplied pattern and created customised umbrella skins, providing a unique theme to the revitalised outdoor bar area.

The Materials

Presented with a specific pattern, various methods of screen printing were discussed, with the final outcome being fabric printed and created by the hotel, shipped to the MakMax production facility in Brisbane in order to customise and fabricate ready to be installed replacement fabrics onto our existing Centra umbrella frames.

The Result

With a range of Centra umbrella models already installed (CS40 square, CO50 octagonal and CR53 rectangular), MakMax was able to customise a unique set of bespoke skins for the Crown Plaza Coogee Beach in order to fully integrate the interior and exterior design aesthetic.

Project Details

Location: Coogee Beach, NSW

Completion Date: January 2015

Size: 6 Architectural Umbrellas

Fabric: Customised Printed Fabric

Client: Crown Plaza Hotel