MakMax Proud to be Chadstone Bowls Club Sponsor.

MakMax Proud to be Chadstone Bowls Club Sponsor.

The story of the Chadstone Bowls Club and their fight for survival is as impressive as their brand-new lawn bowls facility.  Faced with eviction from their council-owner land and the closure of the historic club in 2017, the local community came together, and with the help of the famous ‘Bowling Ladies’ viral video (see below), the club was able to successfully plead their case with the City of Stonnington to be included in the council’s masterplan development for the Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park.

When the brand new Stonnington Sports Centre opened in 2023, the $50M community facilities included a new home for the Chadstone Bowls Club, complete with a custom-designed bowling green canopy by MakMax Australia.

With a new nest for the Chaddy Bowls Club Eagles, the club’s committee reached out to some of the project’s contributors, as well as local businesses for ongoing support through bowls club sponsorship. MakMax Australia was proud to support the club through an initial 3-year sponsorship deal.

The Eagles decided to complement the arrival of their brand-new bowls facility with new uniforms, and MakMax was honored to be a featured on the new shirts, along with Tiger Turf and the Community Bank of East Malvern.

Al Morris from MakMax invited Barrie Lester along to the Grand Opening Ceremony to check out the impressive new lawn bowls roof and to speak to some of Chadstone’s club members about their remarkable new facility.

The original Bowling Ladies video.

For more information on the lawn bowls roof project itself, head to our Chadstone Bowls Club Case Study.

Bowls Club Sponsorship by MakMax Australia