CluBarham Canopy Stage 2 Attracts Major Events

CluBarham Canopy Stage 2 Attracts Major Events

CluBarham set to host National Bowls Events under the Riverdome.

In 2022, cluBarham welcomed the arrival of the brand new MakMax Hawksbill-style Tensosport-MAX bowling green canopy, and in 2024 the cluBarham Canopy Stage 2 looks set to attract two major events. With a name that reflects their Murray River location, the Riverdome is a state-of-the-art, all-weather bowling facility for the borderland club.

The new synthetic green and MakMax canopy has significantly helped cluBarham’s bid to securing two significant Bowls Victoria – major events for the next three years.2024 will see the River dome expand, with a second green being covered by the Stage 2 development.

cluBarham CEO Jason Wallace said “the opportunity to place Barham Bowls on a National Sporting platform with a second canopy is a boon for the tourism and economic benefit of our region, and places Barham-Koondrook on a National Tourism/Sports platform.

Barham-Koondrook and cluBarham have all the assets and accommodation requirements to attract major Bowls events, to have the Over 60s State Championships and the Women’s Country Carnival secured for the next three years is such a great economic benefit for our region and all businesses. A second canopy will place Barham-Koondrook as a boutique National Bowls and Sporting arena. We will keep pushing for more State events and aim for a significant National Bowls Event in the future”.

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At MakMax, we are thrilled to continue our partnership with cluBarham as we work towards delivering a second TensoSport-MAX Bowling Green Canopy for the club. The additional of the second bowling green canopy, which will connect seamlessly with the MakMax canopy completed in September 2022, will cement cluBarham as one of the premier bowls venues in Australia. As the premium shade structure supplier to the Australian bowls community for well over a decade, MakMax is pleased to work with cluBarham as their construction partner in further developing their world-class bowls facility.

Check out the photos of the First Canopy on our Case Study page.

The second canopy is scheduled to be finished late 2024.