Halo Fabric Roof, Optus Stadium

Halo Fabric Roof, Optus Stadium

The crowning cap of the Optus Stadium is the “halo” roof that appears to float above the main seating bowl and façade. The use of architectural membrane materials created an ultra lightweight roof, enabling a lightweight steel frame to be constructed that compliments the minimal form of the roof.

The Brief

The key design brief from the client was for the roof to be designed for Perth’s climate conditions, easy to construct and install. The architectural concept underlying this was to create a unique design, recognizable as Western Australia across Australia and worldwide, with the roof the capping keynote feature of this project.

The Concept

The architectural intent for the roof in the concept stage was to create an illusion of a floating ‘halo’. This concept was the inspiration for the choice of material used, form and detailing.

The roof was designated as one of the key stadium features by the project architectural team and an extremely strong focus was maintained throughout the project on design detailing and finishes.

The Materials

The Optus Stadium roof structure is a continuous fabric roof free from movement joints and integrated with lighting, PA and other systems. The translucent roof was enhanced by the use of 2 fabrics – a PTFE and and an ePTFE fabric – with contrasting light transmissions creating a visually exciting texture to the Halo internally.

The roof structure consists of fifty (50), approximately 35m triangular truss cantilevers. The bottom chords of the trusses aren’t triangulated by bracing but rely on Vierendeel design action. This Vierendeel action is significant for the design of the robustness load case of the roof involving a loss of a panel of fabric which results in large out of balance in-plane loads on the roof truss.

The Result

The design was made possible through MakMax’s strong design and installation collaboration with the whole project team including architects, project engineers, steel fabricators.

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Project Details

Location: Optus Stadium, Perth WA

Completion Date: 2017

Size: 35,000 sqm

Fabric: PTFE - Chukoh FGT800, Sefar Tenara 4T40HF