What is the Cost of a Bowling Green Canopy?

What is the Cost of a Bowling Green Canopy?

It’s a question that always comes up in conversation whenever we are out and about visiting bowls clubs or at Bowls Australia tournaments … What is the average cost of a bowling green canopy?

Maybe your club is at the start of their undercover discovery, perhaps there’s a new local council grant scheme you’d like to apply for, or sometimes the dream of a lawn bowls dome is somewhere in a club’s five-to-ten year plan. Whatever stage your club is at, it’s a great idea to understand the approximate cost to install a full-cover bowling green canopy from the outset.

A full-cover fabric canopy can be an significant investment for your club, with the average cost of a bowling green canopy starting from $1M – $1.2M for a single green.

There are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration to quote a final price (see below) – the best way to get a good starting point is to give us a call and discuss your project – 1300 625 629.

A view of Enogerra Bowls Club Canopy looking down the greens.

What Factors Can Affect The Final Cost of a Bowling Green Canopy?

Many variables are taken into consideration in establishing a final price for a lawn bowls canopy. Although similar in design, function and form, our approach to every project is unique and based on a number of factors.


  • PVC – the most common architectural-grade fabric used on bowls club canopies – the best solution for most clubs.
  • PTFE – an premium upgrade to a longer-life, higher translucency – higher initial cost (around $300-$350K more than a PVC canopy), but it’s longer lifespan will pay over the life of the structure.

MakMax can offer your club a range of classic design options for the structure itself – (check out the styles available on our Bowling Green Canopy page). Beyond the architectural style of structure, your club may require further customisations, such as;

  • Vertical infill panels, lower-end profiles, or side awnings.
  • Covered walkways to connect to the clubhouse.
  • Council mandated building considerations, like maximum height allowed or proximity to your neighbours.

A photo of the flexible design options when calculating the Cost of a Bowling Green Canopy

MakMax integrate lighting into all our canopy designs – we incorporate uplighting as standard (upward facing lamps that bounce light off the membrane back down to the surface).

LED Sports Lighting at Sandshills Sports Club in Bargara.

Physical location also plays a part in the final bowling green canopy price;

  • Is your club in a regional centre or metro area?
  • Is there local availability of associated trades and equipment hire companies?
  • Does your construction zone have easy crane access or surrounding restrictions?
  • Soil conditions and prevailing wind conditions can affect the size and depth of footings required.
  • High salinity associated with coastal areas will require premium steel treatments to mimimise corrosion.

A photo showing how the location can affect the cost of a bowling green canopy.

At MakMax, we are happy to give you an indicative price (based on your canopy requirements and location) to get the ball rolling. You can then discuss this with your project team or board members – a final price is given once the project is ready to procced. There are a number of reasons we offer an initial budget estimate first, and a firm and final price at a later stage;

  • Raw materials and transport costs fluctuate all the time, the price today may not be the same in 12 or 24 months time when the project is ready to begin.
  • A Geotechnical Report will be needed to accurately assess the soil conditions for footings.
  • Building a canopy at the same time as your new synthetic green is more economical than building over an existing surface.
  • The DA and BA process can add complexity to the design based on what council requirements.

We hope this high-level guide will give you some idea of starting cost of a bowling green canopy and what to expect, if you have any further questions or would like to discuss your plans, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like us to visit your club for a site walk around or give a full presentation to the club board, we would be more than happy to schedule a visit when we are next in your area.

Call 1300 625 629 or email us info@makmax.com.au.