South Hedland Amphitheatre

South Hedland Amphitheatre

The South Hedland Amphitheatre is a unique project and stunning fabric structure. The opportunity to use a timber frame to support tensile membrane does not present itself often, and MakMax was proud to be a involved of creating this cultural focal-point for the South Hedland town centre.

The Brief

The striking visual effect of the combination of wood and a light fabric coasting is often associated with nautical themes and the presence of water, evoking imagery of sailing ships.

Reflecting both it’s coastal location, and also remote Pilbara cattle-country history, the local South Hedland council requested a timber framed saddle-shaped structure erected to provide shade to an outdoor stage.

The Concept

The MakMax engineers faced some challenges in tailoring fabric to suit a wooden frame, the variances in structural support means design and engineering reactions can vary in places a steel structure would remain consistent. This issue was overcome though the development of a special cleat system to allow uniform distribution of point loads on the timber frame.

The Materials

The PTFE mesh fabric provides a high level of light transmission and tensile strength. Fabric patterns were created based on the reactions of the wooden structure, with some variation found that is not normally present in a traditional steel frame.

The high translucency of the fabric shows off the beauty of the wooden structure beneath.

The Result

Successful collaboration between the three main stakeholders in this project was the key to bringing the South Hedland Amphitheatre concept to fruition. Timber engineers, the onsite builders, and MakMax Australia worked together to ensure the two materials, who rarely meet, operated in harmony.

The local council was extremely pleased with the South Hedland Amphitheatre , with the unique creation becoming a local community focal point in the town centre for events such as Once Upon a Time in The West – an arts festival celebrating histories and stories of Aboriginal stockmen, rural, and domestic workers on pastoral stations in the Pilbara during the 20th century.

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Project Details

Location: South Hedland, WA

Completion Date: October 2012

Size: 124 sqm

Fabric: PTFE - Tentaflon 04683L