Salesian College Sunbury Sports Court Canopy

Salesian College Sunbury Sports Court Canopy

The stunning saw-toothed sports court canopy at Salesian College Sunbury is a bespoke, freestanding translucent white PVC roof canopy over 4 basketball courts.

The Brief

Home of the historic Rupertswood Mansion, birthplace of the Ashes Urn, Salesian College Sunbury required protected coverage for their multi-sports area and student lockers.

The college envisioned a visually exciting weatherproof, yet open-air structure to house the school’s signature basketball program and sit beside the historic cricket oval.

The Concept

The striking visual design of the canopy employs leaning arches and valley cables to create the exciting high-peaked saw-tooth-style profile.

What makes the Salesian College Sunbury sports court canopy unique is opposing high/low canopy sides. MakMax Australia’s designers and engineers created a lower side to the northwest, the direction of the prevailing winds and the side of most effected by inclement weather approach. The side facing the school was opened up by raising the leaning arches to a high point.

The open side offers views of the school and also allows for additional light in the winter months and increased air-flow on hot days.

The Materials

The fabric panels were created using premium quality PVDF-coated PVC and are supported by painted steel columns.

The high-translucency PVC allows glare-free natural light onto the playing surface. The membrane diffuses the light creating an even light for players on the courts.

The Result

A stunning modern addition to the historic Salesian College Sunbury, the school’s faculty is extremely happy with the unique sports court canopy.

As well as offering surety of play and practice time for their basketball and sporting programs, the weatherproof canopy has also provided opportunities for hosting other large, weather protected events and assemblies.

Project Details

Location: Sunbury, VIC

Completion Date: January 2019

Size: 2900 sqm

Fabric: PVC Mehler FR900N

Client: Salesian College Sunbury

Photography: © We Shoot Buildings: Grant Kennedy