St Tropez Modular Shade Structure

St Tropez Modular Shade Structure

Non-Collapsible , Centre Column Shade Structure

The St Tropez Modular Shade Structure is a square inverted umbrella-style, conical shape and designed for maximum visual impact in a pedestrian area.

A popular choice for airports, retail centres, sports and recreation facilities, resorts and theme parks. The inverted cone design enables rain water to be directed into hidden drainage in the centre of the coloum. The column is connected to an underground storm water pipe and can be connect to a water storage unit.

  • Sqaure as standard, the St Tropez desaign can be customised to any shape
  • Engineered as a permanent shade structure, the St Tropez can be designed for any wind speed
  • Multiple units can be linked together to create a continuous membrane, ideal for walkways or transport hub
St Tropez Modular Shade Structure Grid

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