Industry Affiliations & Partnerships

Industry Affiliations & Partnerships

Proudly Associated With Tensile Membrane Industry Leaders

As a market leader in architectural fabric structures and tensile membranes, we are proud to be associated with the leading industry associations and partners.

As an active member of the construction industry in Australia, we also work closely with the leading OH&S, compliance and safety bodies.

Sponsorship Partners

Bowls Australia Industry Affiliation

Bowls Australia

Bowls Australia is the national sporting organisation responsible for the leadership, development and management of lawn bowls in Australia. MakMax Australia is a Preferred Partner of Bowls Australia, providing shade and weather protection services and products to the organisation.

Merthyr Bowls Club

Merthyr Bowls Club

Famous for it’s “Barefoot Bowls” Merthyr Bowls Club is perched on the banks of the Brisbane River and just moments from picturesque New Farm Park.

MakMak is proud to be a principle sponsor of Merthyr Bowls Club.

City Of Geelong Bowls Club

City of Geelong Bowls Club

The only club in the Geelong region with a full-cover bowling green canopy over one of its greens, the City of Geeloing Bowls Club grew out of a merger between two of Geelong’s oldest clubs, Geelong West and Drumcondra.

Installed in 2018, the 1950 sqm PTFE bowling green canopy has created a fantastic facility for the City of Geeling club members.

Industry Organisations

Specialised Textiles Association

STA (Specialised Textiles Association)

Specialised Textiles Association (STA), was established in the 1940 shortly after the Second World War (under the name of Canvas Manufactures Association) by a group of fabricators and the owners of two large weaving and finishing mills with the objective of promoting industry standards and ethics, lobbying Government and providing a forum for the exchange of ideas.


LSAA (Lightweight Structures Association of Australasia)

The Lightweight Structures Association is a Not for Profit, autonomous, inter-disciplinary group of interested parties involved in the field of lightweight structures. The LSAA basic aim is to promote the proper application of lightweight structures, their design, fabrication, construction and materials, and the development of these and other aspects particular to lightweight structures.


IFAI (Industrial Fabrics Association International)

Founded in 1912, IFAI is the only trade association in the world representing the entire specialty fabrics/technical textiles industry. Currently nearly 2,000 member companies in 58 countries are involved. Member products span the entire spectrum of the specialty fabrics industry, from fiber and fabric suppliers to manufacturers of end products, equipment and hardware.



TensiNet is a multi-disciplinary association for parties interested in tensioned membrane and foil construction.
The aim of TensiNet is to enable its members to contribute more effectively, within the scope of their activities, to provide information and advice in the field of tensile membrane buildings, inform members about research and other technical studies necessary to improve the quality of tensile membrane buildings

Partners in Membrane Construction

Shade Engineering

Shade Engineering - WA

With over twenty years of experience in providing high quality, architectural, shading solutions Shade Engineering is at the forefront of the tensile membrane industry in Western Australia. In that time they have supplied and installed a wide variety of shade structures and umbrellas and are the WA agents for MakMax Australia.

Bespoke Wire & Rope

Bespoke Wire & Rope

Bespoke Wire & Rope offer a range of installation services for the tensile membrane industry. MakMax has worked with Bespoke Wire & Rope as our installation crew on a number of projects, from small umbrella job to major stadiums, and everything in between.


Mehler Eco Care

Mehler Eco-care

The Mehler eco-care concept accompanies Mehler products throughout their entire lifecycle, including in the incorporation of ecological criteria in the selection of raw materials, the use of environmentally friendly production processes, the utilisation of recyclable packaging materials and in the company’s participation in the development of recycling systems.



Texyloop is an initiative of the Ferrari Group, a global stakeholder in the composite textile and membrane field. In all its areas of activity, Ferrari has ensured its long-term development through its capacity ti anticipate and innovate on human, social, technological, commercial, marketing and environmental scales.

Workplace Health & Safety



MakMax Australia choose HammerTech as our workplace safety induction partner.  HammerTech’s online registration and digital inductions make it easier to ensure our workers are ready to start work fully compliant with all onsite and industry standard safety regulations. Safety starts with HammerTech.

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