Warriewood Square Shopping Centre on the NSW north coast originally engaged MakMax in 1999 to design and install a unique series of large (18m x 18m) freeform shade sails to cover both the car parking spaces and laneways  to provide maximum comfort and protection for their customers.

The exposed coastal environment combined with poor ground conditions meant that the sails required over 50, 10 metre long screw-piles to resist the extreme conditions.

This combined with the unique use of Ferrari Soltis 392 fabric to meet harsh marine environmental has proven to be a winning combination.

As a testament to the design and longevity of MakMax innovative range of products, these structures have stood the test of time and environment. Having lasted over 15 years they are only now being taken down to make way for the centre’s new $80 million redevelopment that will including a new car park deck to accommodate more car parking spaces.

MakMax structures are high quality structures, engineered by our in-house team of qualified civil engineers, and last longer than any other structure. Also offering a low risk solution, MakMax promise financial stability, experience and a high level of expertise so you know you are in safe hands.

Have your structures past the test of time like Warriewood and call MakMax today 1800 777 727.