Building a new roof? Have you thought about choosing a “cool roof”?

A “cool roof” is a roof that has been designed to maintain a lower temperature than a traditional roof. It works by reflecting sunlight (solar reflectance) and by emitting heat more efficiently (thermal emittance). Fabric structures are “cool roofs” and have a host of benefits associated with the fabric and also these resulting lower temperatures. They are benefits that cannot be realised by traditional structures such as steel roofs. Fabric roofs offer:

  1. Light translucency – Fabric structures allow for a comfortable amount of natural light to filter through, illuminating rooms and surfaces.
  2. Clear Span: Due to their lightweight nature, fabric structures don’t require heavy support and as a result are able to span large distances without support.
  3. Quick Install – Because fabric structures use less materials than traditional structures, they are installed much more quickly and with little disruption to the public and other trades.
  4. Free-form – Fabric structures are very flexible and allow freedom to create unique and stunning designs.
  5. Reduced Costs – Due to their ability to reflect heat and regulate temperatures, fabric structures can reduce energy requirements and utility bills.
  6. Reduce Roof Operating Temperature. By reducing the roof operating temperature, the roof service life may be extended.
  7. Improve comfort. Because of the ability of fabric structures to regulate temperatures, this improves the thermal comfort level inside.
  8. Low Maintenance – Fabric structures have self-cleaning properties and the light-diffusing properties disguise any surface dust and dirt extending time between cleaning.
  9. Weather Resistant – When properly engineered, fabric structures impress with their ability to resist extreme weather such as hail and strong winds.
  10. Environmentally Responsible – Made from recyclable and sustainable materials, fabric structures are an environmentally responsible green building material.

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