MakMax Australia has recently completed an Architectural Carpark project at Cairns Domestic Airport in far north Queensland, Australia. This region experiences some of the world’s highest levels of UV radiation from the sun’s rays as well as cyclonic winds and torrential storms, making shade and safety a top priority.

MakMax Architectural Carpark   structures are recognised as being the industry standard for safety. Engineers work in house to ensure each structure is designed to withstand the worst weather the local area has to offer in accordance with the local building codes and regulations.

MakMax Australia Managing Director Michael Lester said MakMax had input on design based on experience using fabric in cyclone prone areas.

“This project is not unique in its engineering, the ability for a fabric structure to withstand cyclonic winds is naturally a standard requirement for everything we install in this region,” Mr Lester said.

“Our brief was fairly straight forward; design an Architectural Carpark structure for 141 cars with allowance for covered pedestrian access to the terminal building.”

Mr Lester said the choice of materials is a direct reflection of the client’s need, a high tenacity PVC material is used to provide waterproof shade to the parking and walkway space. In total 4,000 square meters of fabric makes up the roofing membrane structure. More than 90 tonnes of structural steel providing strength and support in accordance with the region’s required wind rating.

“MakMax applied its extensively experience and in-house design capacity to exceed client’s expectations with in budget constraints,” Mr Lester said.

North Queensland Airports Project Manager, Stewart Kiely is delighted with the result stating “MakMax’s proactive attention to quality, schedule, budget and safety is commendable.”

Australia is proud to offer more than a product to its clients, keeping customers’ goals in mind at all times. Mr Kiely says “MakMax has proven to be the perfect choice to construct the Domestic Terminal Covered Premium Car Park project.”

Considered to be Australia’s leading regional airport, Cairns Domestic Airport processes an average of 300,000 passengers each month. MakMax is proud to assist in the development of this facility, delivering results for the client and public. The option for customers to park in a secure, shaded area will generate revenue for the terminal as well as further service its patrons.

Australia provides tensile membrane roofing, facade, and interior solutions to transport facilities around the world. Walkway and pedestrian structures are soon to be complete at Adelaide International Airport as well as Brisbane Domestic Airport Terminal.