Pavilion Modular Shade Structure

Pavilion Modular Shade Structure

Non-Collapsible, Corner Support Shade Structure

The Pavilion Modular Shade Structure has corner columns at the perimeter, which allows clear access under the full canopy area. Ideal for school assembly areas, walkways, wedding venues, outdoor dining area and function spaces, the pavilion is modular in design and come be customised to be any shape or size.

  • All Pavilion models include galvanised steel cables with stainless steel fittings, UV stabilised membrane and are delivered to site in component form
  • Multiple units can be linked together to increase canopy area
  • Pavilion can incorporate a Linear Edge to allow blinds and gutters to be attached
  • Wind rated to 145km/hr as standard, with the additional option of upgrading to any wind speed rating required
  • Heating & LED lighting can be included
  • They are a cost effective alternative to some traditional roofing covers and are a popular option for assembly area shelters, functions and events, for walkways and also offering protection to vehicles
Pavilion Modular Shade Structure Options

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