Monaco Modular Umbrella

Monaco Modular Umbrella

Non-Collapsible, Centre or Cantilever Support

Monaco Modular Umbrellas (centre or cantilever column) are similar to the Centra Architectural Umbrella. They are however, modular in design, non-collapsible and better suited to higher wind speeds. They are customised to any size or shape and are assembled and fixed on site.

  • Monaco Modulars/Umbrellas can be customised to any shape or size
  • Multiple units can be linked together to increase seating area
  • Available in Contour Edge and Linear Edge (up to 26% more coverage with a Linear Edge)
  • Wind rated to 145km/hr as standard, with the additional option of upgrading to any wind speed rating required
  • All Monaco models include galvanised steel cables with stainless steel fittings, UV stabilised membrane and are delivered to site in component form
  • Heating & LED lighting can be included
  • Blinds and gutters can be fitted to Monaco Linear Edge models.

Linear Edge

Increase your useable space with a Monaco Linear Edge model. Ideal for alfresco dining, a straight edge means more seating under the canopy.

By adding a fixed, straight-edge to the Monaco also add the ability to attached guttering or roll-down blinds, making the structure even more weather-proof.

A Linear Edge can be added to a single unit, or multilpe-linked units.

MakMax Linear Edge
Monaco Modular Umbrella Grid

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