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MakMax Australia recognises that to maintain its competitive advantage, we must maintain quality and innovation, to ensure that we are at the cutting edge in fabric structure design, engineering, fabrication and installation.

Continuous research and development assures the organisation of keeping the lead in these important aspects. Our company utilises the latest computer technology to complete the analysis, design and fabrication documentation necessary to complete projects.


Unique industry specific software is used in the design and fabrication process. Because of the engineering complexity associated with the development of tension membrane designs, the latest generation of integrated CAD and Finite Element programs are required to develop engineering models of many intricate geometrical forms.  

These programs allow MakMax Australia's design architects to develop three-dimensional images to provide clients with early accurate design assessments.  The programs also generate composite steel and fabric design models enabling efficient structural analysis and also interfaces with the company's automatic fabrication plotters to provide accurate finished membrane profiles.

MakMax Australia also undertakes both in-house and external laboratory testing on new fabric products, welding/sewing technology and engineering designs. 

We are committed to continually evaluating and upgrading tension membrane technology, resulting in innovative systems and shade structure designs.



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