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The Management of Taiyo Membrane Corporation/MakMax Australia (“the Company”) has adopted a policy to manage the environmental impacts of the Company’s activities to minimise the adverse effects of these activities on the environment.

The Company designs, fabricates and constructs the world’s best tensile membrane products and is based in Brisbane and Sydney, servicing both the overseas and domestic market. 

The commitment is to maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS) which will cover the activities of the Company. The EMS will enable the Company to:

  • Conform to all Legislative Regulations and Guidelines
  • Carry out its activities in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Comply to the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 14001
  • Maintain a policy of continuous improvement
  • Have documented Objectives & Targets that are subject to regular reviews

The Company’s environmental objectives are regularly updated through continuous assessments through established programs, audits, reviews and feedback to assess opportunities for improvements at all levels.
The Company is committed to protecting the environment, including the prevention of pollution from all aspects of its operation. 

The implementation of this policy will be the responsibility of the Company Quality/Environmental representative who will be given adequate resources and authority to implement the policy.

The employees will be instructed in the intent and implementation of this policy.

This policy is a public document that will be displayed at the Company’s office and made available to all interested parties.

Mike Lester
Managing Director
MAKMAX Australia Pty Ltd

Reviewed: 01/11/18 Ver. 11/18



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